Our story…


Before we let you in on our travels, it might help you to understand our background, and what motivates us to set out on such a crazy adventure.  My favorite question to ask new sailing friends is, “Why are you doing this?”  The reoccurring theme seems to be a need to  live more, or die trying.  Most people will tell you that they suffered a loss of a family member,  friend or job. They were dissolutioned with society, life or both. Sailing allows them to “escape”.  Craig and I are not escaping unsatisfying lives.. We left a beautiful home, successful careers and awesome family and friends. .  To understand the “why” behind our adventure, one needs only to look at our personalities! That can be best explained by looking at our past.

We were both born and raised on the West Coast. He grew up mostly on a farm, bucking hay, doing chores before and after school, and later logging to earn some extra cash.  She grew up in the city, with a family that spent most weekends (year around) hunting, camping and fishing in the vast Pacific Northwest mountains… What they shared in common was a sense of adventure.  He spent his free time making rafts that would float on the pond out back, or backpacking the mountains of Oregon. She explored the woods on family backpacking trips and loved following her father on fishing and hunting expeditions.. Both loved the outdoors, loved to explore the unknown and dreamed of traveling to destinations far away. They met briefly in childhood when he moved to her city neighborhood and she passed by his house on the way to school (they were in the same class but she was too shy to speak to him). Both families suffered tradgedy at that time (her father died and his family split up) so their lives once again took different paths. By the time he was a teenager, he had discovered sailing and was collecting charts and making plans to explore the world. She was living abroad, dreaming of exploring new horizons.


We believe it was fate that finally brought us together…God’s hand through a mutual friend who lived in the old neighborhood. Would we like to come to her house for a Bible Study and see each other again? Neither were believers, but both remembered each other and went out of curiousity. And that is how the story began. Two lives, changed forever in new faith and drawn to each other.   He gave her sailing lessons on his 23 foot sloop and they united in the dream.  They married and attempted to purchase a 48 foot Lord Nelson sailboat, but the bank laughed and told them to come back after they established careers (and credit).

So they bought a home instead, began their careers and raised 3 children.  It was a good life. A full life.  But two people with adventurous spirits can not easily fit into a ‘mold’. The children will tell you that sailing is something we have always talked about. They  knew this day would come and are thrilled that it did!  They will tell you how happy they are that we met the goal (and get to see this crazy world before we are too old to do it)!   They will also tell you that we live by faith and have not entered into this adventure without seeking God for direction. We prayed about this…for years! When the doors finally opened ( children independent, finances secure, selling our home in a poor market,  finding the perfect boat at a perfect price ) we knew the answer was “go”!  We  believe our passion to sail and explore is given for a reason! We can not see the future, but we do know this experience is supposed to happen. We don’t know how long we will be given this experience ( family health issues or grand children would trump everything for us) but we are eager to begin and so very thankful for the opportunity to live the dream!

With all this in mind, we start on this adventure with a humble spirit. We walked away from everything and gave up our security to do it! But we are ready and mentally prepared for the trip of a lifetime.   We can’t wait to explore, learn,  give and grow as human beings!  We are ready for the ups and the downs, and know they will go hand in hand! So hang with us as we embark on a journey across the sea! Let’s get this adventure on the road (urr, I mean WATER)! 🙂


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