Time to Reset


It’s been five months since we left the South Pacific and three months since we returned to the United States.
Life has resumed it’s rumble. Busy people, hurried lives, mindless madness among blacktop hustle and booming businesses.
WindCutter is settled behind a popular restaurant where young and old gather to gaze at her luxury and dream of places far away. Sometimes people venture onto the dock, and take a Duffy ride on the bay . Intoxicated, they whoop and wallop at life’s grand adventure as they ride up and down the busy water way that reflects Southern California’s finest homes and restaurants.
I can not see the sun set beyond the buildings nor catch the sunrise. Our port windows are closed to keep the noise out and our hatches are locked for safety.
We are detailing, replacing, refurbishing, and refitting WindCutter to her past majesty and the task is grueling. When I get completely frustrated, I comfort myself by looking through pictures, and videos of better times. I miss island hopping.
I haven’t blogged because my attitude has been so poor, and quite frankly, I am not sure what to blog about. I keep waiting for the culture shock to abate but it’s a slow process (I should have some cheese with my whine)!
But I promised to update you and so I will.
How are we doing? Where are we going?
We are healthy, sometimes happy (especially when we reunite with friends and family), and working hard on WindCutter!
But the adjustment is grueling. Neither of us is doing very well with it but at least we are keeping up now and walking, talking, eating and living a little faster. Craig is back to “not being able to sit still long”, and Carol has relearned how to dress up and be “on time”…

Life is full of twists and turns and sudden
change in directions. I’ve always known this. Nothing on earth lasts forever and nothing stays the same. It’s okay to look to the horizon and anticipate what is to come. It’s also okay to cherish the moments of pure joy that life throws at you once in a while.

But when you make an “extreme change”, it can take a while to ‘reset’..
Sailing is an extreme example of “redirection” and it took a few weeks to adjust to a life that lacked constants. After awhile, it became ordinary, even wonderful to “go with the flow”.
Who would have thought returning would be so hard? Our melancholy dispositions must be the result of culture shock and a sudden change in altitude (and city attitude!)
Even so, our future plans are up in the air.
Missing a ‘carefree lifestyle’ isn’t enough to make both of us want to go back.

He wants to sell WindCutter and buy farm land in Oregon.
She wants to fix her up and keep sailing.

We will come to an agreement and life will go on!

If we sell WindCutter, this blog will stop (I refuse to write a “road trip blog” like so many x-sailors do).
But I might write a book instead (about our travels)?
Regardless, I refuse to regret, but I also refuse to

So, the next few blogs will consist of pictures, and videos of our fantastic journey across the South Pacific.
Maybe some of you will see a place you want to visit?
I have so many fond memories and pictures to share with you! I hope they inspire you to travel and explore!

I know with time, we will find new “wows” to replace the old ones.
In the meantime, wander with me back to the places (and people) that will forever be in my memory as the most magical on earth!

Carol Fleetwood

7 thoughts on “Time to Reset

  1. Carol,

    When you and I met last January (on the plane from Yuma to Phoenix, if you recall) you told me your incredible story, which was even more amazing as I read your write-up a couple of months later (it was a short flight). My immediate comment was: “you have got to write a book.” I will be the first person in line to buy that book.

    I also have another idea. A former Marine F-18 squadron-mate and friend is married to Andrea Canning, an NBC Dateline reporter. Would you have any interest in your story being forwarded to her? Your adventure and tale of survival is very, very inspirational!

    I hope that you are doing well. Also, I would love to meet your husband at some point.

    Warm Regards, Joe Hutcheson LtCol, USMC Keller, TX


    1. Hi Joe! Yes, I remember you! Thank you for the nice compliment . Several people have asked about a book and I am in the process of writing one! I have a few questions regarding your other suggestion! Would you mind finding me on Facebook (carol fleetwood) so I can private message you my questions? Thanks Joe ! 😊 Carol

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  2. Corinne and I just returned from a mere 20 days of island hopping in BVI and re-entry has been difficult for at least me and took a week to settle down. I can’t imagine what you guys are going through having experienced Fiji with you one year ago for a fabulous, but too short 10 days! I hope we can do some water time again together aboard Win Cutter or Devocean VERY SOON, Miss you guys, so in the meantime let’s try to find some time to get together again.

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  3. We feel so honored to know you guys & call you true friends! We look forward to your next adventure, no matter what it will be!
    Love & Admiration, Dave & Sandy G., Vero Beach, FL

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  4. Sounds like you miss Fiji a lot but want a less dangerous lifestyle Maybe the answer is buy a farm for Craig but in Fiji for Carol win- win you guys can always fly back to visit Oregon and So Cal if you miss family / old friends
    And burritos.

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