A few notes to follow up on my last blog: “Long Way Home” 

  1. We no longer regret leaving Fiji when we did (long Way Home blog). What we experienced was bad, but the force five hurricane (Winston) now hitting Fiji and the “safe haven” we were anchored in (savu savu)  is much worse. Winston is the largest hurricane on record in Fiji (winds 180 mph!)  Our thoughts and prayers go out for all our sailing friends still there. They are excellent,  experienced sailors tucked into  “hurricane safe holds ” for the  cyclone season. Unfortunately,  El Niño is ignoring those safe havens.
  2. The link below was filmed exactly where we would have been anchored had we stayed (It was the last spot left in Savu Savu and I begged Craig to take it …thankfully he over- rule me!) 
  3. I guess the only truly “Safe sailors are  the “armchair sailors” who never go anywhere. Weather  can never absolutely be predicted especially if you venture into the open sea!  God Bless you friends in Fiji …

3 thoughts on “A few notes to follow up on my last blog: “Long Way Home” 

  1. Hi Carol
    I would like to see what it looks like there if you can post the photo. Vunda got off lightly, But Savu Savu was right in the path!
    Hope all is well with you now. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Done it nicely. See my comments on your long way home in my emails to you.

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