Mary Poppins in Fiji October Blog

Mary Poppins in Fiji
A ‘sappy’ poem by Carol Fleetwood

Sailing away from Fiji this week was bittersweet. Bitter because of all the good people and beautiful places we discovered here. Leaving is very hard to do. Sweet because I know our future will be full of other wonderful adventures and people. It is time to leave.
So, with that thought, I’d like to share lyrics that came to my mind the other day on a deserted beach. Inspired by Julie Andrews (and character Mary Poppins) it became my goodbye song to Fiji. Why?
Very simply, Fiji will forever be my “go to place” when I want to remember “happier times” because Fiji is the place I learned to “be still”. It is the place we both learned that simplicity is better than complexity. It is the place where I stopped craving a vanilla latte and started craving a Kava sevu-sevu because of the people who presented it. It’s where we learned to greet others with a kiss on the cheek. Where the phrase, “Come home soon” was not a platitude but a sincere offer from the heart of the soul mouthing it. A place not yet corrupted by power, wealth and greed. It’s where we got a glimpse of “a little bit of heaven on earth”!
When you leave Fiji, there is a farewell song. This is my farewell song to Fiji. We will miss you and hope one day to return. Hopefully you will remain one of the most magical places on earth.
My Fi-jian Things (sing to the Julie Andrew’s tune, ‘My favorite Things’)

Coral and Kava and white sandy beaches..
Palm trees and bulmies and bright colored fishes
Islands and atolls and reefs that form rings…
These are a few of my Fi-jian things…

When the sea swells, when the waves crash
when the wind starts to scream
I simply remember the beauty I’ve seen,
My lovely Fi-jian things!

Hiking and climbing and jungle exploring..
waterfalls, reef dives and flowers adoring,
kayaks and sea caves and birds that do sing
These are a few of my Fi-jian things…

When the anchor drags, when the sail snags,
when the dishes hit the floor
I simply remember my Fi-jian things
and then I don’t care no more

Stars bright and moonlight and flor-escent fishes
mango, papayas and ba-nana dishes
Great whales and shark tails and sulus that swing
These are a few of my Fijian things

When the waves build, when the engine killed
when sleep was not had
I simply remember my Fi-jian things, and then
I don’t feel so bad!

“Mothai Fiji..until we meet again! Carol Fleetwood

Inspiration for writing the poem “My favorite Fijian things…”

Years ago, when I interviewed for my first job, I was asked what fictional character I likened myself to. Easy answer! Mary Poppins (played by Julie Andrews)! Why? Because she is everything I strive to be: energetic, optimistic and sincere! She loves kids and has the ability to teach in a creative way (with music) that makes learning fun and easy! That answer got me the job!
Over twenty years later, I still catch myself humming Julie Andrew melodies from famous movies such as Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music!
Recently, while relaxing on what would be our last tropical beach stop in Fiji, it happened again! I caught myself humming the tune “My favorite Things” (a popular Julie Andrews song from the “Sound of Music”)! I pictured Mary Poppins (with her umbrella), skipping and dancing merrily along the beach! I couldn’t resist adding tropical lyrics to the tune that was rambling in my head!
You might be thinking, “Carol is having a ‘kava moment’, but I assure you I was not under the influence of anything except paradise tranquility. When I am happy, I sing! So this was a natural experience for me!
It turned into a ‘sappy song’ that I call “Mary Poppin’s in Fiji”! It is my “goodbye tribute (from a sailing perspective) and although a bit corny, I gladly share it with you!
We all need a bit of ‘sap’, ya?
Keep smiling!

This Blog is ‘late’ because we were out at sea! November Blog is also being posted at this time!

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