Sailor’s Delight


I know most of you have no desire to sail across an ocean, but for those of you who wish you could, I’ve compiled a list of what we feel are “essential ingredients” to a successful experience. Since I like to cook, I’ll call it, “Sailor’s Delight”. Here’s how you whip up a batch of it:

Sailor’s Delight:

1.Start with a large quantity of “nerves of steel” (aka “low fear factor”). This means when all *!@# hits the fan (as in torn sails, high seas, squalls) you stay calm, and continue on as if this is a normal day at sea.
2.Add enough “iron stomach” to your batch of “nerves of steel” so that your movements are fluid and precise (you must be able to move up (like a mast), down below and around the deck while your boat is in motion (you can not be confined to your berth).
3. Stir in several cups of “flexible attitude” because everything you do depends on the weather, the weather, and the weather.
4.You’ll need at least an ounce of savings (or pension) to support your journey because things will break and you can’t keep sailing unless you fix the problem (you should bring extra parts, you might get lucky and not have to pay big bucks to have it sent to you). Also, plan to re-provision every few months (no, you won’t catch enough fish or pick enough fruit to survive…you’ll need food money)
5. Blend smoothly a few tons of mechanical experience because most islands do not have repair men (See #4)
6. Layer generously with an adventuresome spirit. You will hike through jungles, swim in caves, dive with sharks, and explore isolated islands. There will be times you are alone..completely alone (that last sentence should excite you).
7. Last (and the most important ingredient if you ask me), Throughly saturate all the above ingredients with a huge dose of faith. If you have faith, you can get through anything. It doesn’t mean you’ll be spared rough times but at least you’ll know there is someone looking over you which helps you manage the stress you will inevitably feel! “You rule the oceans when their waves arise in fearful storms…they lie still” (Psalm 89). Yea, I like that one!

Mix well, (and often) to preserve the quality of this recipe.You may season with a few of your own favorite ingredients, but do not add artificial ingredients such as DNA (‘I’ Do Not Anchor ). Do not store in temperatures below 80 degrees. This recipe requires maintenance: store in an arid place where you can mix it daily and apply it generously!  Sharing is encouraged (hoarding is discouraged)!

Happy Sailing!
Carol Fleetwood
PS September Blog will be posted tomorrow! Hugs!

2 thoughts on “Sailor’s Delight

  1. I love it! If that is all it takes, I’m in. I believe that I have everything except #4 and I’m working on that as we speak. I cannot wait to untie my own lines and head over the horizon.
    Thanks for the recipe.



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