repost: September /2014 Blog “You Know You are a Sailor When…”

This blog is for the ladies who went cruising to help their “sailor” live HIS dream…


You Know You are a Sailor When…

The hairdryer you brought on board is for defrosting the freezer or drying a wet bunk
You know that a “boom” is a part of your boat and not the sound of thunder
You can dress in the dark (night watch)
You’ve learned to combine interesting foods and leftovers is a good thing because it means you don’t have to’ balance ‘and cook
You no longer confuse mast lights with street lights
You don’t mind showering off the swim step
You prefer swimming in the ocean to a pool
You stopped wearing your watch. You don’t know the day, time or hour and you don’t care.
You never grow tired of a beautiful sunrise, sunset or star lit sky.
You no longer get land sick nor sea sick
You can shower with ‘motion’
You don’t get ‘boat bites’ any more (you’ve learned to hang on!)
You can sleep underway, even if the sea is bumpy and the mattress slides to the floor
You can catch and gut a fish
You think it’s funny if a wave comes through an open hatch and soaks you
You know how to keep the dolphins at your bow!
You think swimming with sharks, rays, and whales is fun
You know how to keep wounds from infection
You don’t mind plucking dead flying fish off the deck
You know the names of the sails and the lines, and how to use them
You know how to start, and stop the engine, generator, inverter and water maker (if you are lucky enough to have one).
You can take the helm and know how to ‘read’ buoy markers
You no longer crave Starbucks coffee
You no longer wear the heels you brought aboard and prefer sandals
You can wear the same clothes more than once before washing theme and you  look forward to long passages when clothes are optional (laundry at sea is not fun).
Fashion? What’s that?
You no longer NEED a monthly manicure, pedicure or massage (although once in a while you might treat yourself to one)
You are flexible with time. Your sense of adventure allows you to change your coarse at the last minute if weather is not cooperating.
Fatigue does not make you cranky
You can navigate a passage and dodge ships that cross your path
You can drop, set and raise an anchor
You can tie at least two good knots.
You can maneuver the dinghy (including starting and stopping the engine)
You can look at the sky and anticipate a squall. Clouds are your friend because you know they bring wind
You prefer to sleep on your boat rather than the five star hotel you are anchored in front of
You feel ‘sorry’ for resort tourists. You now know their experience is limited.
You can spot coral, or reefs, or shallow water instantly
You no longer crave a hot bath. You LIKE cold showers!
You see the ‘silver lining’ in every cloud. There is always something to be thankful for at sea!
Complaining is NOT an option. Problem solving IS
You understand the importance of ‘team work’ and can depend on your mate!
You are not afraid to go up the mast   
You like living ‘on the edge’. You love exploring new places and meeting new people. You trust your boat.
You think tattoos are artwork now (you might even have one)
Bad hair days are acceptable
You don’t mind getting wet (squalls happen frequently at sea)
You think cold coffee is good
You still bake cookies when it’s raining (just kidding)
You figure out how to ‘stay strong’ at sea
You don’t miss the news
You can use the radio (SSB and VHF). You have a HAM license
The only jewelry you wear now is a swiss army knife and whistle around your neck
The captain can sleep soundly when you are on ‘watch’ because he knows YOU know what to do.
You forgive quickly because you know you need to work together
When you go to shore, sometimes you forget your shoes and wonder why you brought so many.
You don’t use beach towels anymore (laundry issue again)
You worry about adjusting back to a predictable life (behind four walls) and wonder if you can.
You have learned that most people are good and that cruisers are always good (always helping, always caring)!
You have made friends from all over the world and appreciate the fact that most cultures unite over music and dance. You are not afraid to join in!
You are thankful for this experience and appreciate nature, your loved ones and life so much more. The world will never look the same. “His dream” has now become yours and you will be forever grateful!

Carol Fleetwood
(5000 nautical miles and counting… 🙂


Footnote:not a sailor? See my blog and read “You know you  are NOT a sailor when…!”

5 thoughts on “repost: September /2014 Blog “You Know You are a Sailor When…”

  1. We always look forward to your blogs. You two have accomplished something that people only dream of. To appreciate life in a simple way is a great thing. Keep writing and we will keep reading.
    We wish you a safe voyage and take care of the energizer bunny as sometimes he needs direction in life.
    Roy and Joyce


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