3 thoughts on “Land Ho – Wind Cutter in the South Pacific

  1. Hey you guys Chris & Jackie here. Remember when we met at the sailing lectures, now you guys are the ones doing the lecturing. Your pictures and writing are fantastic. I love reading them. You are an inspiration to everyone who has a dream. If you come back to the us for your hip repair please let us know, we have to get together. We are moving to the mountains, but still have our boat in long beach. Be safe. Fairwinds to wyndcutter and crew.
    Chris & Jackie preter


    1. Will do! We think of you often and wish you were here! So much they didn’t tell us at those lectures and never a dull moment in the sailor’s life! But I still wake up every day and thank God for this experience! Hugs!


    2. Hi guys! We are back for that hip surgery and would love to get together! Email us your new info (phone, address, etc) and we will contact you! crlfleetwood@yahoo.com
      It has been better (and worse) than we could ever imagine lol! No regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat! We will return to Fiji soon and explore the islands there…you are always welcome to visit and sail with us!


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