La Cruz and Paradise Village

November – December

We pulled into La Cruz Marina and loved the town!  La Cruz is full of talented musicians and very good restaurants!  The marina offers lots of  fun activities for cruisers (like movie night, and game night) and there is an awesome market in town on Sundays.

Our friend, Hans lives here full time and has a boat in the marina.  He told us that La Cruz is the place to be during the “cruising season” as it offers the most in entertainment and activities.  I even found salsa lessons in a nearby restaurant! However,  just as we were getting comfortable, our stay was cut short when a nasty red tide moved in along with dozens of dead fish! Over powered by the smell (we had to leave the hatches closed in order to sleep),  we set sail for Paradise Village across the bay.

Paradise is a lot like Disneyland.  No rides but lots of hoop ha, tourist, and noise.  Nice restaurants (even a sport bar not far away), nice pools and a beautiful golf course appeal to many! If you like to be catered to, this might be your ideal marina.  We decided it’s a nice place to visit…but prefer the small town atmosphere of La Cruz. We’ve been here almost 3 weeks now and the red tide is almost gone (no dead fish here).  After we finish up some boat repairs, we will most likely sail a few days and see some coves we missed before. Then we will sail back to La Cruz and hang out until we “jump” to the South Pacific in March.  Alicia (our daughter) and her friend will be visiting in January and I can’t wait to show them around!

Did I mention that we officially “registered” for the 2014 Puddle Jump to the French Polynesian islands?  Yep!  It’s official (see Latitude 38 magazine for a list of names and boats that have registered). We are eagerly preparing Windcutter for this extensive (21-29 day) trip!

So, for now, we are making “minor” boat repairs (all boats need constant upkeep), then going North (Portland) to see our kids over the holidays (have to pull out the jackets, shoes and long pants…). Temp here has been PERFECT…mid 80’s in the day and low 70’s at night!  We love it!


We ran into old friends, Cathy and Mark (Sweet Chariot) and Becky and Jay (Ocean Star) from Ensenada! We have had a great time hanging out,  exploring Puarta Vallarta by bus and catching up.  Not sure when (or if) we will see these guys again but hope we do!  Cathy and Mark are heading north today. Jay and Becky will head south in a few months.

Well, that’s the “new” news for now!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (I will check in again in January)



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