La Paz


La Paz

Craig and I spent over a month resting and exploring LaPaz.  We decided that LaPaz offered the best “home” port during hurricane season (June-November) as it has good protection and easy access to the islands on the Sea of Cortez. We chose a well protected marina that also boasts awesome restaurants, facilities and pools. A free shuttle takes you into town where you can enjoy shopping, fine restaurants, and visit the other marinas nearby. While exploring LaPaz,  Carol found “yoga on paddle board classes”, and line dancing classes  (yes, I said Line dancing..Salsa classes don’t start before 10:00pm!)

We explored the town almost daily on foot or bus and even took in a spanish movie (Lone Ranger…Johnny Depp wasn’t very believable in spanish)! We also found an awesome church (Crossroads) to fellowship at!

One memorable experience in LaPaz was feasting on the world’s largest Snook fish ever caught by a woman! Lillian Horayama caught it using a spear gun and invited us to a local restaurant where the chef did his magic and  made it into a spectacular meal! She offered to teach Carol how to spear fish and so spear fishing has been added to Carol’s bucket list!

But the best part of LaPaz were the people we met. We will never forget the love and generosity we experienced in LaPaz… especially from fellow cruisers Dave and Corinne, Dr. M. and Steve and Tani who were instrumental in saving Craig’s hand and probably his life ( but more on that later)!

We will always remember LaPaz as a friendly, beautiful place bustling with art, activities  and amazing people!

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