Taking the plunge…

IMG_0524This is a blog about the adventures of Craig and Carol, aboard Windcutter, an Island Packet 485 bound for the South Pacific.

After “dreaming” about this adventure since we were first marriaged (32 years ago), we finally “pulled the plug”. We retired, sold our home, our furniture and cars and set off to sail to the South Pacific.  First stop, Mexico.  We are currently enjoying island hopping in the Sea of Cortez, meeting lots of awesome people…and having a great time.

The following blogs will tell our “story”.  It is a story that began years ago, when Carol asked Craig to teach her how to sail.

It is a story that began with two young people, dreamers really …who wanted to see and do more then most typical young people wanted to do.

It is a story about love, and faith, and perseverance.

We dedicate this adventure to our three wonderful kids, who stand behind us 100%. May you follow your dreams and never give up on life!

(more to come…)

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